Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Month of Awesome Things

As previously mentioned, Bryan I will be moving to New York City the first week in November. The month of October will be sort of a transition month. Last Friday was my last day at my main job. I had a great send off from all my pals at work. Bryan showed up with flowers to make my bittersweet last day a little on the sweeter side. Plus Mama Bear/aka Noel/aka my bestie at work surprised me with an awesome ice cream cake that said, "Knock their fucking socks off, Baby Bear!" She's the best, and I love that someone had to write that on a cake.
I gave up this job a bit early, so I can spend this month focusing on transitioning to New York life and also so I can participate in all the awesome comedy events coming up this month. I'm spending this week in Minneapolis, MN, because Bryan is featuring at Acme Comedy Company with our very talented and funny friend, Chad Daniels. He's the best. Look him up or come to a show. Next week is the Madison Comedy Festival. There are some great names on that festival as well. Bryan and I will probably be performing, not sure exactly when yet. Stay tuned for that. And....for our farewell show, we will both be performing at the Comedy Club on State on October 30th and 31st. Get your reservations for that soon! After this month...who knows? But I'm planning on starting a blog to document my first year in New York. Finding a job, exploring the city, getting my feet wet in the comedy world, probably getting super famous, etc.