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Buzz About Stacey

"My wife and I see a lot of big theater shows, and you are way funnier than Linda Lampanelli and Zizi Atari."

- the cutest old man imaginable


"When they said you were going to be a female I was disappointed, but you were so great!"

- another female


"You're the lady from the comedy club aren't you?"

- Domino's Pizza employee


"You're pretty good for an opening act. Is that weird to say?"

- some drunk dude


"Weren't you in American Pie?"

- guy who was convinced I was Alyson Hannigan


"funny, personal and easily relate-able material that was delivered well with an emotional connection to her performance" - contest judge


"May 'women aren't funny' blowhards live slightly horrible lives henceforth."

- article about contest win

Show Dates

Logo with 'Podcast'.jpg
Every Tuesday
Buffy the Gilmore Slayer
How to Restaurant
Wed 2/8 @9:30pm
How to Restaurant
Live Sketch Show
Writer, Director, Actor
Fun By Design_edited_edited.jpg
Monday 5/15 @7pm
Fun by Design
Live Comedy Gameshow
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