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Sketch Comedy

Stacey was a writer for 4 different house sketch teams at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre: Hot Bird (2016), A Few Sandwich Lovers (2017), What Would Do (2018), and Night Eaters (2019). Sometimes she directs, films, and acts in stuff too. Browse below and click to watch some of the sketches she's produced. (written by Stacey unless otherwise noted)

Lamborghini Lamb or Genie_edited.jpg
No Contest_edited.jpg


Smart Finger  

Smart Finger_edited.jpg
Rotting Bodies_edited.jpg
sandiwch words.png
Emo Dorm_edited.jpg


Balloon Date  

Balloon Date_edited_edited.jpg
Emotional Support Flautist_edited.jpg
An Olive Garden_edited.jpg
Bidet Commercial_edited.jpg
Board Games_edited.jpg
Not Allowed
Pizza Man Statue
logo low notes.jpg
logo tell my wife.jpg
Piano Tuner Fixes a Toilet
Stuntmen React
Sassy Shooting Star
logo parade.jpg
logo plant boyfriend.jpg
logo plant boyfriend.jpg
logo divorce.jpg
logo lonely pizza boy.jpg
logo tons o questions.jpg
The Hook
Cat String Theory
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