Stacey Kulow has always considered herself the class clown, even her high school only voted on a male in this category. What’s that about? Originally from Wisconsin, Stacey got her first taste of comedy when she won Atlas Improv Company's The Cut in 2008. As a member of Atlas she made the stage her second home. In 2011 Stacey began performing as a standup comedian, winning Madison's Funniest Comic 2014. She stared in a Milwaukee Brewers commercial as well as short film, "Long Distance" selected for the 2013 Wisconsin Film Festival. She also was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2013 She-Devil Comedy Festival in New York City.


Stacey moved to New York City to pursue comedy in 2014, where she became a writer for Maude Night (UCB Theatre's house sketch teams), as well as writing and producing several other monthly shows at the theatre, including Sketch Cram, a monthly show produced entirely in one day.


Pre-COVID, Stacey directed sketch teams, indie and solo shows at UCB Theatre and the PIT. In quarantimes, she continued to direct sketch teams and Sketch Cram digitally. She reviews movies on YouTube with her boyfriend, Bryan Morris. with whom she also hosts a podcast called Buffy the Gilmore Slayer. If things ever get back to normal, you can catch Stacey performing improv, sketch, and standup throughout the city, but for now keep an eye out for her on the internet.


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