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Stacey Kulow has always considered herself the class clown, even her high school only voted on a male in this category. What’s that about? Originally from Wisconsin, Stacey got her first taste of comedy when she won Atlas Improv Company's The Cut in 2008. As a member of Atlas she made the stage her second home. In 2011 Stacey began performing as a standup comedian, winning Madison's Funniest Comic 2014. She stared in a Milwaukee Brewers commercial as well as short film, Long Distance, selected for the 2013 Wisconsin Film Festival. She also was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2013 She-Devil Comedy Festival in New York City.


Stacey moved to New York City to pursue comedy in 2014, where she became a writer for Maude Night (UCB Theatre's house sketch teams). While at UCB she wrote and produced several other monthly shows, including Sketch Cram - a monthly show produced entirely in one day, and You Can't Spell Love Without Cleveland, OH - a rom com parody selected for Austin Sketch Fest.


Stacey continues to write, direct, and  produce live comedy shows in  New York. She also produces a weekly podcast called Buffy the Gilmore Slayer as well as content for its companion TikTok channel.


Goodbye Chelsea
UCB Writer
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